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Facet Joint Injections

Facet joint injections / medial branch block for spine

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Treatment Details

A facet joint injection or block is a procedure that can be used either to diagnose a spinal problem or to treat pain. The most important difference between the two techniques is the injection site. Facet joint injections focus on the joints that connect and articulate the vertebrae. The needle may penetrate the facet joint itself, or it may penetrate a medial nerve branch that routes nerve signals from a particular facet joint. Facet joint injections are administered to help diagnose: - A form of chronic inflammation called facet joint syndrome - Arthritis of the facet joints - Neck pain - Back pain - Pain and other neurological symptoms in an arm or leg A facet joint injection is performed under local anesthesia. We use fluoroscopy as a visual aid to ensure the greatest accuracy possible. Anesthetic is initially injected into the joint or nerve branch to determine whether deadening this area actually makes your pain go away. If it is successful, then we've located the exact source of your symptoms. We can then inject a corticosteroid into that area. While we're administering the corticosteroid, we may also perform another procedure called radiofrequency neurotomy. This procedure involves the installation of radiofrequency needles which deaden the nerve for even more profound relief than drugs alone might not provide.

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