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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is characterized by sensations to the various muscles, tendons, joints, and bones in the shoulder area. As the most mobile joint in the body, the shoulder is prone to multiple types of injury. Shoulder pain may originate from the joint itself or from the many muscles, ligaments or tendons that surround it. Common causes of shoulder pain include tendon tears, arthritis and broken bones. In the case of immediate and severe pain, we recommend you see a doctor as you may have a tear or broken bone. In the case of mild to moderate, short term pain, rest and ice is sufficient. If the pain lasts over three weeks regardless of severity, we would advise you to see a doctor to test for arthritis or tendonitis.


Symptoms & Causes

  • Stiff shoulder.

  • Inability to rotate arm in all normal positions.

  • Numbness or weakness when carrying out daily tasks.

  • Pain with reaching overhead.

  • Pain when reaching behind you.

  • Pain radiating to the elbow.

  • Pain radiating to the outside of the shoulder.

  • Pain when lifting heavy items

  • arthritis

  • torn cartilage / torn rotator cuff

  • swollen bursa sacs or tendons

  • bone spurs (bony projections that develop along the edges of bones)

  • pinched nerve in the neck or shoulder

  • broken shoulder or arm bone

  • frozen or dislocated shoulder

  • injury due to overuse or repetitive use

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