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Improved type of sclerotherapy used for varicose veins

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Treatment Details

Varithena is a new and improved type of sclerotherapy used for varicose veins. However, instead of a liquid chemical, Varithena is a patented foam that contains a combination of polidocanol, a sclerosing medication, and natural gases that create countless tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide and oxygen that fill your varicose veins. These gases create the foam effect that differentiates Varithena from other types of sclerotherapy. Not only does the chemical component destroy the damaged tissues, but the foam displaces the blood in the vein, making the task of vein destruction more efficient and complete. Another significant difference between Varithena and traditional sclerotherapy is that Varithena can be used on deeper and larger varicose veins, even those you can’t see on the surface of your skin. This is done under ultrasound guidance to get to the precise location.

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